AE-2 Summer'12 Final Exam

The MIC Sheet

You must type and print your comments as well as email them to:

It will be easiest to download all of the samples, which are 24-bit wav files, import them into a session so you can loop each set. 

To Download, either click the alt (right?) mouse button or CTRL-click on each file and save them to a folder. 

For all acoustic and electric instruments...

I made five folders: Your document should have five headings. 
Please describe the sound of each mic in detail. 

This is your direct link to the contents of each folder

Listening Test-1: Piano
451 XY
Fathead Blumlein

Listening Test-2: Accoustic Guitar
Fathead on bridge
451 front

Listening Test-3: Bass
Mystery Cardioid
BONUS: can you name it?

Listening Test-4: Cello

Listening Test-5: Electric Guitar
Fathead Near
Fathead Far
SM-57 near
D-6 Near

Bonus Exercise For the Electric Guitar...

  • Open the four guitar files in Protools (or any DAW with sample delay plug-in)
  • Determine how many samples it takes to delay the Near Fathead Mic so that is can null with the Close Fathead Mic.
  • Toggle Polarity (phase reverse) to confirm you got the best null - the null is 'best' when it is dark (minimal treble).  The signal will not disappear entirely.
  • Copy the delay to all of the close mics
  • Listen to each mic pair: the SM-57 and D-6, for example. The levels should match up pretty well. Toggle the polarity and writre about the difference.