In October 1976, I went to work at the MCI plant in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  These pictures were taken just before leaving to return home to Philadelphia in the Spring of 1977.

Pat Smith, Eddie Ciletti, Jim Rollo and "The Iceberg" 
in the parking lot in front of the MCI factory in spring 1977.
(I don't remember "Iceberg's" real name...)
Wally Watkivs, Glenn Coleman and "The Iceberg" at a console in the checkout area.
"The Iceberg,"  Bobby "The kid" Myrick and Pat Smith.

From a Publicity Photo Collage, 
Glenn Coleman tweaks a JH-16,
Assembly and Final Console testing by Glenn and...
Eddie Ciletti

Eddie gets sweet, sweet lovin' from the production women!

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