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SMPTE to Absolute Time, Synchronizer

for use with Tascam DA-88 / SY-88

Eliminate multiple offsets of Tascam DA-88s during mixdown

When posting a production it is common practice to have different personnel work on different elements of the same production at the same time and in various locations. The problem arises when it is time to mix the various elements together on the mixing, scoring or dubbing stage. If the individual elements do not have a consistent relationship between Absolute time and SMPTE Timecode, multiple DA-88s will have to be assigned individual offsets in order to have all the elements "Sync Up".

The SAS-202 from Turn Up Communications eliminates this situation by controlling the SMPTE timecode generator of the TASCAM DA-88's SY-88 Sync card, and forcing a constant relationship when striping. All tapes that have timecode recorded using a SAS-202, no matter where or when it is recorded, will have the same SMPTE timecode to Absolute time relationship.

The SAS-202 comes complete ready to use with Full Stripe mode and two film modes. The SAS-202 can be used to stripe multiple tapes simultaneously if there are multiple DA-88s each equipped with an SY-88 sync card.

The SAS-202 installs simply by plugging the integrated D-sub connector into the "Remote In/Sync In" jack at the rear of the TASCAM DA-88. The SAS-202 cannot be used in conjunction with any other controlling device.

A locking lever toggle switch located in the center is the "Film Mode" control. This allows the user to select continuous timecode, or multiple "film reels" when striping a tape. The only other user control is a large square push button switch used as the "Arm" or standby control.

The SAS-202 works in conjunction with the front panel controls of the DA-88. After installing the SAS-202, load a blank or preformatted tape in the DA-88 and follow the standard procedures for striping timecode as outlined in the TASCAM manual with the following exceptions.

When setting the generator start time you do not have to set the exact hour:min:sec:frm, you only need to be sure the hour is correct.

When posting film, work is done in "reels" 10 to 20 minutes in length. It is standard procedure for each reel to start with a timecode hour indicating which reel it is. When the Film Mode switch is set to 13 or 23 the SAS-202 will stripe a tape in 13 or 23 minute segments, Automatically incrementing the hours for each segment beginning with the hour set by the user.

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