Meter Notes

Scott wired his prototype so that the meter was ALWAYS indicating gain reduction for two reasons: to simplify connections and because he rarely uses a compressor's output meter when interfaced to a an external VU via console. 

If you'd like to add a switch so that your meter can read Gain Reduction as well as Output,  connect the meter to the wipers of a Double-Pole, Double-Throw (DPDT) switch. Connect one side of the switch to side-chain PCB and the other switch contacts to the output transformer. 

NOTE: A driver amp may be required between the output circuit and th emeter for several reasons, such as calibration and isolation / buffering (so the meter will not add distortion to the output signal).

This page will be updated to detail the procedure and options.

Affordable Modutec Meters from Mouser, Part Number 541-MSQ-AVU-AW

Where to get meters?