A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I came up with a fix for the Trident TSM EQ sliders using a pitch control slider from the Tascam MS-16.

Tascam's slider part number: 5284008800    $ 9.50 
Tascam's knob for above:       5800341701   $ 1.30 
Felt dust filter:                           5800609302    $ 1.05
Total                                                                      11.85

NOTE: Tascam had less than 12 pieces each of the slider and cap when I called in the fall of 2007.

Now, this may seem like alot of money, and it is if you're going to buy 120 faders ($1,422.00).  You know faders like this cost about $2.00 each.  However, this part is most likely NOT a "stock item," hence it comes under the category of "custom order" and typically, the manufactiurer will have a minimum, like 1,000 pieces!  So, do the math, you spend $2,000 and end up with 880 more sliders than needed BUT you can sell them on ebay as an "upgrade kit."

Here are the ALPS data sheets to help you figure out the part number.  I do not know if this fader is currently available as a "stock" part. ALPS is notorious for requiring larger orders for custom parts.  The images below were derived from the Alps Data Sheet. < click for the pdf

The trick to making this mod work is:

  • deciding on a shaft length
  • realizing you will need a new plastic knob / cap. 
  • finding a standoff / thick washer to correctly space the fader from the top panel
  • If you use the Tascam part, it wil be necessary to make the available resistance work with the Trident Circuit.  For example, the MS-16 slider is 20kohms, but I recall the Trident sliders are a different value (5k).  (I have all of my notes from 1993 whe I first did this job.)
  • IF, for any reason, you think I am in error, please let me know.