These parts are New Old Stock.  Prices are based on single item purchase.  The more you buy, the better the deal.

Add $15 to ship the first item in the continental USofA.

MS-16 / ATR-60 and AQ-65 Autolocator Button Assemblies.  $55. 
Buy the complete AQ-65 assembly on top and use the parts as needed for the MS-16 / ATR-60 and AQ-65.  The 3-button "cage" below is for both tape machines, specifically the row that includes the Record button.
Tascam Model-38 Input-Sync-Repro switches $5.00 each

Tascam Model 38 (analog 8-track) brake band (used) $2.50
  1. Tascam MS-16 / ATR-60 pinch spring (flat type) $10.00 each part #58001886-00
  2. Tascam MS-16 Linear Pitch Potentiometer

  3. can also be used in Trident TSM EQ modules.
  4. Rane linear EQ Potentiometer sold

Tascam Original Model 122 
Cassette deck Tension lever
$2.50 each

Tascam Model Three Mixer Quad Fader (top)
$10.00 each
Tascam Stereo Fader (Porta studio?)

Tascam MS-16 / ATR-60 tension ass'y (Used)

Tascam MS-16 / ATR-60 Stop Buttons $5
(some other buttons and parts still available) 

Tascam (hirose) Multi-pin connectors, two male one female PLUS cover, not shown. 
used for synchronizer/ remote port
$48.00 shipped in the US of A
Part # 55556010-01
Tascam Model 3340 (newer model) plastic spring for transport contrl Button Assembly.  $2.50 each
Part # 5336219200
Edge connector for Tascam MS-16 and Model 38 audio cards.  $2.50 each

Tascam latching "speed" swich
for MS-16 / ATR-60
Part #53000257-00 $5.00 each
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