AE-240 "Best of' Analog Technologies"


Below are some links to some great sounding tracks recorded in previous Analog Technologies classes.

The class starts with 2-track editing and 4-track recording so our early sessions rely heavily on simplicity. 
In this video, thr drum sound comes from one mic AND it's driving 6 preamps at once!!!  Every time the track loops you're hearing a different preamp - the first 6 times is blind, the 2nd 6 times you see which preamp.

The article that used the mic preamp research was published in the January 2006 issue of MIX.
Jack Ventimiglia wrote and played on this track, recorded live to 8 (of 24) tracks of tape.  The verb is from the hallway.


  • Crotch (nady 1150)
  • snare (modified 'bent' sm57)
  • outside kick (ev-664)
  • bass amp (sm-58)
  • vocal (ev-664)
  • acoustic gtr (cascade fathead)
  • hallway (2 x mxl 2003)

Pictures of Matchstick Men
Here's Jack again, earlier in that same class, doing a sixties psychedelic classic.  The rhythm track went to 4 tracks and for the bulk of the bounce the rhythm track was mixed to MONO to make room for the vocals.  After the song fades out - and back in again for the jam - there are no vocals, so the rhythm track becomes stereo. 

The flanging was done in real time with REEL FLANGING as in, a second tape machine loosely synced to create the effect, dragging your fingers on the reel flanges makes the comb filter effect.  If there is one thing that makes reel / real flanging special, it's the fact that you decide when it happens rather than set an oscillator and hope for the best...

HOOKERS and BLOW Sessions

On two Tuesdays during the Winter of 2008 we recorded enough rhythm tracks to do an album, thanks to Adam Levy's band of awesome musicians.

We Can Make It If We Try (Sly Stone cover, in-the-box mix using Adobe Audition)

Heart On A String (Student John Rausch's mix)

Me and My Arrow (Harry Nilson cover, analog student mix)

If You Want Me To Stay (Sly Stone cover, analog student mix)

more to come...