Studio Life

Below is a pic from the MiraSound Studio control room, in New York City, during a Four Seasons Session...

Engineer George Schowerer, with Bob Crewe @ Mirasound Studios NYC (circa early sixties)
(image courtesy of Chris Juried via Facebook)
Note the proximity to the glass between control room and studio, which was typical for the era

GEAR LIST (above window)

  • To the left is a counter (glowing orbs), most likely used for timing jingles
  • To the right of the counter is an Altec 1567a mono mixer, below which is an Ampex MX-10
Altec 1567A Mono Vacuum Tube Mixer
Ampex MX-10 Stereo Vacuum Tube Mixer
Gear List (above console)

Above the 4-channel Meter Bridge is the KLH Model Eight Vacuum Tube Mono FM-only receiver (1960).  With its acoustic suspension speaker, it was the precurser to the Auratone and served the purposed of simulating consumer systems.  Because it was mono, it was augmented by the Model Thirteen (1961), a solid-state FM-stereo multiplex adapter and speaker).  At far left of the studio photo, you can see the right edge of the left KLH speaker and to the right (next to george's head) you can can see the right KLH speaker.

KLH Model Eight FM Receiver
KLH Speaker
Gear List (photo right)

On or in the left rack you can see...

  • custom made boxes (phase reverse?)
  • Two Pultec EQ (model?)
On or in the right rack you can see...
  • Two RCA BA-6 Compressor / Limiter
  • old fashioned dual-pronged tip / sleeve patch bay (two mono 1/4-inch plugs similar to the image below to facilitate patching AND Polarity reverse)
RCA BA-6 Compressor Limiter
Dual patch plug similar to type used
Help with gear ID