AE-240 Spring'09

Analog Technologies

Week-8 Mix: Me and My Arrow 

Thanks to all who participated and to Jake for staying late.  Lots of razor blades and no blood!

Week-5 mid-term exam / homework

Download the files below.  Take-4 is the preferred take.  Wherever you hear a "flaw" than can be fixed - either by copying a part from the same take or "borrowing" from another take - do so.  Take good notes, because we will do the edits on Tuesday.  Send me an mp3 with your notes and bring a CD on Tuesday.
one (10)
two (14)
three (16)
four (19)

week-4 session:  Love The One You're With

Well, you can't say we didn't work hard on Tuesday!  Thanks again to everyone for their perseverance and endurance.  I think we got a very decent sounding track with just some editing to do.  I will post all of the takes - about three and a half and you can edit the "best of" into a master take to be handed in on Tuesday.  We will then cut tape according to your edit decision list. 

Florida's Tape Loop

week-4; Final OD for Summertime Blues and new song entry...

Week-3 Recording: Summertime Blues

A job well done by all, we accomplished all but the "break vocals" in 3 1/2 hours!  Thanks to Ross Kleiner and John Rausch for lead vox and percussion.  You guys win the "engagement award" for enthusiasm, commitment and curiosity - Florida's reaction to the echo was priceless (thanks for improving the timing), and Miranda, you don't have to worry about breaking the gear.    I was very happy with our Nashville tuning experiment.

Please do share your thoughts and observations.

Instruments: Jake on Guitars, Nathan on Bass
Engineering and Tape op duties:  Jon, Florida and Miranda
Claps:  Just about everyone.
Song artist comment
Love The One You're With Stephen Stills
Love The One You're With The Isley Brothers
 Summertime Blues  Eddie Cochran  easy song to learn and record in class (from CD)
 Summertime Blues-1a  Blue Cheer  very clean xfer from iTunes
 Summertime Blues-1b  Blue Cheer band site  "remastered" version of above
 Summertime Blues-1c  Blue Cheer goes round and round  original 45 xfer
 Nervous Breakdown  Eddie Cochran  kinda grungy  (from same comp CD as above)
 Nervous Breakdown (punk-ish cover)  Hurricane Jones  Recorded on 1/2-inch 8-trk by EC 1980-81
 Nervous Breakdown (sci-fic cover)  Brian Briggs / John Holbrook  1980 by Eng / Artist (worked with Brian Setzer)
 Is It So Strange (Elvis Cover)  Ross Kleiner  Sample of Artist's work.
 Don't Wory 'Bout a Thing (Stevie Wonder cover)  Hookers and Blow  Adam Levy and George McKelvey 
 (vocals and guitars)
 Recorded in LH-1 February 2008

To record Summertime Blues.  It gives us an excuse to use tape echo - one of THE effects back in the fifties.  We can record to four-track any number of ways - track at a time or all at once.  If we could get started on week-2 by laying down percusion - claps, something to bang on and possibly one guitar / ref track - then we can focus on the artist(s) who will play on week-3.  So, if you are at all inclined to play - really, the parts are so simple we could bang out a rhythm track farily quickly, even if it's only an exercise / prep for week-3.  It shouldn't consume your life but it would be great if you could practice ahead of class.

Also, here are the links from week-1's class.