AE-240 Winter'09 Class Project: 

Week-9: Nobody Gets You Like I Do

Week-8: Can't You Make It Stop Rainin

Week-6: Lead and BKG Vox ODs plus DIY Leslie: 9 February

NOTE: The rhythm track in this mix is the mp3 from week-5 below.  "We" need to rectify this.

Congrats and thanks to all for their efforts AND patience.  I apologize for not resolving my technical issues with the 3M and for the Leslie effect to take so long to come together, but in the end, it was worth it - I think at least.  thanks to Brad and Chad for gretting the vocals together, and to Wex for hanging in after class to get the mix right.  OK, we did the vocals in the box, I confess, but I know Wecx and I learned somethin about the process.  I see what we do as a big puzzle - once the pieces are in place, THEN it's our job to make the seams go away.  overall, I think it came together pretty well.  Again, my thanks to all.  Of course, I'd love to have the vibes, bass and acoustic guitar ODs if you're inclined over the next two weeks.

Week-5 Bounce:
Here is it, with an in-the-box Intro tweak because I wasn't quite happy with the feel...  Hopefully we can approximate this in the analog domain.

Rhythm tracks recorded Monday 27th January

First off, THANKS for your participation.  I was happy with the work we did.  It was a good exercise.

Homework Assignments

  • Download the three takes of "Condition," listen to each intro, verse, chorus and solo.  Pick the best, edit together, document your choices and bring in on monday
  • download the original and create a click track for the intro so we can do the acoustic guitar OD
  • rehearse and record your parts in advance: bkg vox, main vocals, bass, possibly vibes? and bring in on CD.
  • a full report on what you did and observed:  Did you learn something?  Did you have enough hands-on experience?  Will you try anything you learned in class on other projects?  Did you like the sound?  Does it translate ok on your "system?  Is this a worthwhile class?  Do you feel it is a good balance between analog techniques, history and modern?  How can the class be better.  just in case you're at a loss).

I Just Dropped in...
to see what condition my condition was in
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
Recording Eng: Kristen S
mixer: Vincent Spica and ec
Vox: Bradley
4-track tapeop: Alain K
studio: Brad, Casey,  Justin
keys: Dan Wexler
2-track tapeop: Joe Weber and ???
producer: ec and ???
guitars: Jimmy M
Condition Take-4
Drum track:
nady 1050 omni (crotch), ev omni (OH) through Altec 1612
bass: Joe Weber (condition)
Paul Mullaney (Blister)
Condition Take-5
Bass Track:
Shure SM-58 into Altec 438. Listen to the EQ being switched from IN to OUT
drums: John Rausch
Condition Take-6
Keyboard direct:
Hi-to-Lo-Z transformer, La-3, JBL 7110
other instruments: Leigh Seifert, Vibes
Guitar track:
Cascade ribbon, Pultec MB-1