AE 282: Fall 2004

    INSTRUCTOR: Eddie Ciletti

    WEEK-5 Notes and preparation instructions for WEEK-6

    Click here to see and download MidTerm Exam Essay - due on Exam day, WEEK-6

    MidTerm Exams at 8:30AM
    11 November 2004 
    in the OLD METRO STUDIO!!!!

    IMPORTANT MID-Term Message
    The MID-Term will consist of two parts - 1/2 written in advance  PLUS a test on the topics covered in the first five weeks.

    Week-5 SUMMARY

    Due to lack of attendance, the third session in Studio-2 did not achieve it's goal.  Instead, Brandon and I covered these issues.

    • Difference between Compression and Peak Limiting and their applications.
    • Applying Sum and Difference ( Mid / Side ) techniques to mastering applications
    • What are we listening to?  Translating what loudspeakers / monitors "say" into useful information.
    • Housekeeping: Organized and re-labeled ProTolls tracks.

Preparing for the MID TERM EXAM?  It's all here and here and here.