AE 282: Fall 2004

    INSTRUCTOR: Eddie Ciletti


    It is still possible to Vote on Tuesday Novemvber 2nd
    It is not necessary to pre-register, so IF you do plan to vote, bring your driver's license and any other form of ID.

    WEEK-4:  Notes and preparation instructions for week-5

    IMPORTANT MID-Term Message

    The next session, week-5, will be the last before MID-Term.  PLEASE be as prepared as possible for week-5.  The MID-Term will most likely consist of two parts - 1/2 written and the other half the completion of our current project so PLEASE be as prepared as possible for week-5.  We need to make the most of this last class day.


    Second session in Studio-2.  Current Issues include:

    • SSL: Alternate mode for overdubbing (don't press the MIX button)
    • Housekeeping: ProTools tracks are all over the place and poorly labeled, BUT they are all there!


    Drum Mic Setup

    For WEEK-5's session, preparation includes the following:

      1. Clean up drum track, using any combination of loops and timing fixes, so that it corresponds to the basic track. 
      2. Eliminate funky vocal tracks and possibly use compilation of current tracks as stereo background track. 
      3. If YES to step #2, then consider what a lead vocal track might be (combo of talking, singing and rapping?) 
      4. Create Rough Mix of the work in progress.

      The more you get done BEFORE class, the more we'll accomplish IN class.

      Call or E-mail me with any questions.