AE 282: Spring 2005

INSTRUCTOR: Eddie Ciletti


With two classes before finals, let's get a jump start on the process and beat the rush so we can enjoy our last week.

Hopefully you all still have your compilation CDs - the class mixes of "For What It's worth," because I now want you to master not only that material, but to throw in one commercial track and possibly one of your own tracks that might be of similar genre.

Initially I want you to level the playing field for all of our mixes - to make them be similar in terms of level and spectral content.  Of course, you are allowed to remix if you feel that would help.  Understand, I am not looking for the loudest CD, just a good balance from track to track.

Please e-mail to confirm that you've read this missive and spread the word to each other just in case some of you have fallen out of contact with technology.

best wishes,


      E-mail any time, call after 2pm Monday and Wednesday or until noon on Friday.