AE 282: Spring 2005

INSTRUCTOR: Eddie Ciletti

WEEK-3:  Homework, Notes, Reference Material and Links


  • Every week you should bring Frequency Response Charts for your fave mics and if possible, get the proximity curves for them.
  • Plan your final exam.  You must submit a song demo by next week and a rough mix for the mid term.
  • BUDGET: Right now, you've "paid for studio time" in advance (your tuition).  But in the future, how will you realistically budget your time and money?  HINT: This is your term paper theme.  Get prices at locals studios.  Especially for those of you who mix outside of the box, how will you finalcially manage that?
  • RETRO SESSION: Below you will find four links to songs I'd like to record in the next session. You are, of course, welcome to do your own faves (original or cover), so long as you submit a copy to me IN ADVANCE - mp3 via email is fine, that way I can post here so everyone is literally on the same page.  Keep in mind we can only record FOUR tracks at once, so that's drums, bass, room and either keys or guitar.

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