AE 282: Spring 2005

WEEK-4:  Business and Pre-Production prep for week-5

Listen to Reference and Pre-production demo...


The goal of any session is to maximize the time, especially cosnidering that some day you and your clients will be paying by the hour.  While in school you are encouraged to experiment, but the emphasis should still be on efficiency and that translates into Pre-Production.  With this in mind, listen to the links below, choose and practice your part(s) and bring your instruments this week so we can prepare to record the entire song next week, which is week-5. 

Week-5 is the last class before the mid-term, by which time I want to see and hear your progress to date regarding the Final Exam - the rhythm tracks of which you should have recorded and be able to submit for the mid-term -  that's week-6 folks!!!

Anyone who fails to have something to show and tell will fail the mid-term!

I would also like to see this long overdue homework completed (image below).  This will require you to book time in Studio-2. (-click here for printable version-)

Original Isolated tracks and pre-production demo for...
"For what it's worth" (Stop, Hey, what's that sound) 
  • For What It's Worth: Left Channel - Lead Vocal, Ele Gtr harmonics, acoustic strumming and Bass?

  • For What It's Worth: Right Channel - Drums, "bass" line on acoustic guitar, Bkg Vox and Bass?.

  • For What It's Worth: AE-282 version

    And, "for what it's worth," below are two Nickelback tracks featuring that "massive in-your-face distortion" that everyone is craving.  Let's discuss and experiment with electric guitar sounds sometime during this quarter.  Mostly I want to prove that it's not necessary to crank up to the threshold of pain and still get a big sound.

  • song-1 and declipped version

  • song-2 and declipped version
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