AE 282: Spring 2005 INSTRUCTOR: Eddie Ciletti

WEEK-6: Mid-term "exam."

Thank you all for participating in the mid-term exam.  I enjoyed listening to your mixes, reading your mix notes and especially for the positive feedback included in your term papers.  Thank you all for making this class so much fun.  I'm having a great time too.

For reference (as well as for non-students),Click here for the demo.  (missing vocal bits due mostly to bad mic).  The demo began with a loop of the original kick drum intro for tempo.  Two acosutic guitars, bass and Korg Tritan (the two-note harmonic part and "guitar" solo)

Below are MP3s of the mixes in the same order that they appear on the CD.  The mixes are grouped in order of their spectral similarities.

Drum Overhead: Josephson C617SET Omni
Kick: D-12
Acoustic Guitar: U-87 and DI
Vocals: U-87
Keys: Korg Triton (direct)
Bass: Demeter Vacuum Tube DI 

Drum OH: Grace "Lunatec"
???????: Grace "Lunatec"
All other tracks via DIGI-002 @ 44.1kHz, ??-bits to Apple Lap Dog.
No EQ or Compression was used during tracking.

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