AP-292 Summer'06
Eddie Ciletti

Below are four tracks, rough mixes of our efforts during the last two weeks of July'06.  From the first day we have made listening job one, by being in the studio with the musicians so that everyone would know what the performance really sounded like.

We also focused on the room itself, each day tweaking the acoustic treatment to allow the room to contribute positively to the sonic equation.  (CENTERPIECE represents the most radical "treatment," the wood slats across the back two walls of the booth were removed, packing blankets were added to the front and rear sides of the sliding glass doors - which remained open - the drummers seat was just forward of the doorway.

The drums mics were a nearly original pair of AKG-414s (they looked like C-12As) in X-Y about two feet behind the drummer's head. 

The musicians were assembled by Sir Walter Chancellor, who also played Alto, Tenor and Soprano sax...


  • BASS: Serge
  • PIANO: Tanner, Brian
  • DRUMS: Greg
More details to come.
Thomasina Petrus
Peak Limited and Normalized only
  • God Bless The Child
  • Summertime

  • Thomasina Petrus
    • Peak Limited and Normalized only (ProTools)
    • Mix-2 via Adobe Audition
    Save Your Love For Me

    Barbara (vocalist)

    Static Mix 
    (no fader moves)
    Processed Version
    (with mastering trickery)
    Gospel Session: The last track of the evening, the drums a bass got louder than the leakage would tolerate.  Hopefully some phase cancellation can be used to our advantage in the final mix.
    1. rough mix
    2. MS processed
    3. Remix of 1 & 2
    Mid-Side is a cool way to analyze, process and enhance a mix.  When self-mastering, it is also a way to learn about how to fix and make a better a mix rather than live with something you know could be better.  Which one do you like?
    I Got the Victory

    One of the earlier songs from that evening, this was mixed using Adobe Audition
    It's a Freedom Party
    Mixed by Peter Bregman
    The Way I Do:
    Ray Covington
    gentle compression and limiting
    vocal distortion near the end.