Welcome to the NEW

Manhattan Sound Technicians

Service Facility!!!

Our NEW Service Center is located in the lower level of our 2,000 square foot facility, more than twice the space of the New York City version for a little more than half the rent!!!
The "Burn-in" Rack
Gear that has been serviced spends at least a day or two running tapes, getting hot, having buttons pushed to simulate real-world activity.
Each machine is monitored for audio quality and error rate.
The Test Area
Tape transports, are first cleaned, then new parts installed.  Back-Tension is set to the minimum to improve head life and reveal tape path flaws.  After the tape path is adjusted, the Electronic Calibrations begin.  These include, PG phase, Error Rate. VCO and Record Current.  A "long" tape is completely formatted because it is at the very beginning and the end of tapes that head wear is most obvious.

Soon to come: The reception and shipping areas, the Audio Production room...

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