AE-292: Summer Session 2007

Recording The Beatles: Whiteside-4 Project

The evolution of Revolution-1

The White Albume: Side-4
Recorded at EMI's Abbey Road Studio
Recorded at RETRO-SOUND - in the studio formelry known as Metro, AKA LH-1 and now known as...

Not Too Shabby Road!


Revolution: Slow album version 

Horn & Hard-Guitar parts for above

Fast Revolution Mash-Up:
45 RPM mono "single" version + 331/3 LP Stereo plus Win2k stereo remix

post win2k Improved stereo remix

Rev-sans-Bass: 16 mar
A new live performance, to click track, this one got the Bob Jenkins seal of approval.  Sans Bass (Dave T had to work) and with Hohner Pianet, this was two steps toward authenticity.  421 on kick, paul Flynn's Cascade FAT HEAD ribbon on snare (actually a few inches outside the circumference, click to solo the snare track) through a pultewc mic preamp and an LA-3 limiter, plaus an EV omni in the crotch position. 

Nate's amp is in second incarnation, two mods in one that allow it to be warm enough to be mic'd with the front of a 609,  Not bad tone for a solid-state amp.  EV-RE-20 on Dave H's acosutic.  Peter B's hi-z EV omni on the Pianet (through a fender junior).  Nate's vox througha modified Nay-1150 through an xfrmr and a dbx 163.  A static PT mix with just peak limiting, there are also two processed versions.  WARM has full range compression, midLift has 250Hz-10kHz compression.  Pick your fave and get back to me.

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 2 Feb
9 Feb
16 Mar

Revolution (2 feb)
Nate (gtr), Jess (drums) and Dave T (bass). A two-mic recording to analog tape with an EV omni in crotch position on the kit, one Shure SM-58 on the bass and guitar.
Revolution (9 feb)mixed 13 feb
Nate, Jess and Dave T were joined by Dave H (rhy gtr) and Alex (pno).  EV omni (crotch), SM 57 (mod, OH), SM58 (bass), RE-20 (Lead gtr), MD-421 (rhy gtr).  Keys are direct.  Recorded via Digi 002 to protools.  Mixed on Adobe Audition.
Rev-O-mix:mixed 15 feb
Same performance as above but with a more refined mix.