AE-292: Summer Session 2007

Recording The Beatles: Whiteside-4 Project

The evolution of Honey Pie

The White Albume: Side-4
Recorded at EMI's Abbey Road Studio
Recorded at RETRO-SOUND - in the studio formelry known as Metro, AKA LH-1 and now known as...

Not Too Shabby Road!


Honey Pie

Honey Pie (day-2): Nate (gtr), Jess (drums) and Dave T (bass), Dave H (keys)
Recorded to Protools:  EV RE-20 and Sennheiser MD-421 ten feet in front of the kit about 4 feet apart.  The 421 was routed through a tube mic preamp and an LA-3 limiter.  SM-58 on the Bass, Modified SM-57 on the guitar.

Honey Pie (day-3, take-3, mixed 21feb): Same 9Feb session date as Revolution and Cry Baby Cry.  The single drum mic is also the vocal mic, a Nady TCM-1050.

Honey Pie: same as above( tweaked 22feb), but with a proper intro, some panning tricks, a little EQ on bass and drums plus a different processing approach on the master mix.

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