AE-292: Summer Session 2007

Recording The Beatles: Whiteside-4 Project

The evolution of Savoy Truffle

The White Albume: Side-4
Recorded at EMI's Abbey Road Studio
Recorded at RETRO-SOUND - in the studio formelry known as Metro, AKA LH-1 and now known as...

Not Too Shabby Road!


Savoy Truffle
The album version has some very peaky EQ on the intsruments.  The snare is very dark and has slap echo.  If you listen to one channel at a time, you can hear faders being moved to emphasize certain parts, especially the rhythm guitar.

Savoy (2march):   The last of a very few takes, this rough mix done on PT was from the same evenng.  The energy is great  and there's more than enough fidelity, a bit too much perhaps compared to the tones of the original. 

MICS & pres: kick (421, 002), snare (mod-57 12"oh, pultec), bass (sm-58, LA-3), lead gtr (609 reversed,002), rhy gtr (re-20, xfrmr dbx163), keys (di).

Savoy (7March Remix): Same performance as above, but after comparing the original with our "best" take and rough mix, I attempted to emulate the production values of their mix in my office, using Adobe Audition.  A few lead guitar bits, from two previous takes were "imported" into this version.  BTW, Jess sang and played drums at the same time.  The panning makes this more obvious - especially when I got a little carried away and muted the vox track when he wasn't singing.

The above three tracks, were the last to be recorded 9 march '07, a rather long evening of hashing out subtleties.  The goal was to more faithfully reproduce the tones and the dynamics of the mix via performance so that less work would be required during the mixing stage. 

Nathan's solid-state peavey guitar amp (a stereo chorus 210) tends to be a bit edgy.  The previous week the Sennheiser 609 was reversed so its "dark" side faced the speaker.  this week, an inductor was installed between the woofer and tweeter to roll off the grit. (One less thing to do during mix down.)

David Hedding's amp settings were more conservative - we kept inching up the overdrive with each take, and used a 6V6 instead of a 6L6 on this Groove Tubes "champ-style" amplifier.  Next time we will try a 6BQ5.

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