AE-292: Summer Session 2007

Recording The Beatles: Whiteside-4 Project

The Evolution of CRY BABY CRY

The White Albume: Side-4
Recorded at EMI's Abbey Road Studio
Recorded at RETRO-SOUND - in the studio formelry known as Metro, AKA LH-1 and now known as...

Not Too Shabby Road!


Cry Baby Cry

Cry-1: Take-1 had good energy.  Vox mic poorly placed and picked up too much of the drums, especially splashy hi-hat. Nice piano tickle at the end.
Cry-2: Take-2 vox starts out softer and more intimate. This one drives a little harder / faster at the end.
Cry-3: incomplete
Cry-4: This was the last take of the set.   The vocal is more intimate, drum leakage is improved, David's ele gtr is now mic'd to temporarily simulate an acoustic gtr.  The "piano for the king" riff was stolen from take one.
Cry-4d: Same as above with vocal tweaks.

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