UNDER THE COVERS: Live Recording
eddie ciletti and class

On Wednesday evening, 16th May, our resident Beatle Band, "UNDER THE COVERS" played the Green Room and since the setup occured during class time, my AE-231 class participated.  It was a great opportunity to play "snake charmer."  I wasn't able to make all of the custom cables in time, but we pulled it of and I think everyone had a good time.

As is typically the case for me, I tend to think bigger-than-practical - hoping to shoot multi-camera video, record to both ProTools as well as half-inch analog four track, all while dealing with the live sound requirements.  here's the first rough mix from rhythm guitarist, David Hedding...

SET LIST (with lead vocalist):

Take Me Back (Jam) - nat/jess---this one will be kind of a full band vox swap.
Please Please Me - Dave Hedding
Do You Wanna Know A Secret - Alex
Rev 1 - nat - 
Some automation tweaks need to be done in the second verse. (eddie's mix)
REVolution Video

Honey Pie - nat then jess
David Hedding's mix

Cry Baby - nat
Sun King intro - no vox
Mean Mr. Mustard - jess
Polythene Pam - jess
She Came in - nat
Golden Slumbers - alex
Carry That Weight - jess
Drum Solo Test-1
Drum Solo Test-2
The End - nat at beginning, jess for the piano ending 

Some of this "work" is in preparation for the Summer Session.  All participants will have access to the audio and video after the event should you care to mix, edit and "post."  Be forewarned that this project may take over both of our classes - Monday to prepare and Wednesday to do the show. 

I need all skill levels, from videographers to audiologists, roadies, security and bodies - please don't forget to invite your friends.  Please let me know your area of interest; there are all sorts of details below - this same list will be posted on line when updated..

I have asked that food service be extended - you'll get see how much pull I have around here (or don't) if that comes together, especially on such short notice. (Fingers crossed, it won't be free but hopefully it will be there.  Please be sure to thank Todd H, Bernadette and Nick and well as Tommy Jr. and Tom "dolby" Sr.)

The primary goal is to not miss a note or a frame, the secondary goal is to be absolutely aware, and conscious of, all equipment at all times. Security is essential.  I'd like the audio to happen without a buzz.  In the ideal world, the videographers would have some sort of headphone communications.  (Anyone know if we have spare walkie-talkies and compatible "cans?") 


  • Scope out the room to find a comfy place for the gear and test the sound system (with some prerecorded band rehearsal material) just to see what that room sounds like.  Colin has offered to bring his mackie 8-buss.  We will use the insert outputs to drive protools - that's where the custom cables come in.  I expect to use 16 channels, including a pair of audience mics.

DRUMS: Jesse Skadburg
LEAD GUITAR:  Nate Reeder
RHYTHM GUITAR: David Hedding
BASS: Dave Trampe
KEYS:  Alex Ramsey


  1. Kick  EV-647A in "crotch" position
  2. Kick (same distance as OH, use what it available)
  3. OH (modified SM-57 or royer stereo ribbon)
  4. OH (modified SM-57 or royer stereo ribbon)
  5. Bass (mic or DI?) There will be two bass amps for reinforcement
  6. nate's guitar amp - cascade Ribbon
  7. david H's guitar amp - cascade ribbon
  8. david H's acoustic guitar - MD-421 (or RE-20)
  9. Alex's left keyboard DI (he will play through a powered monitor, possibly modified KRK)
  10. Alex's right keyboard DI (he will play through a powered monitor, possibly modified KRK)
  11. Jess' wireless vox drum mic (his or IPRs)
  12. Nate's Vox (D12 or 609 or any dark mic)
  13. Hedding's Vox (modified 57 or...)
  14. Alex's Vox (not "shure" of his voice)
Only vocals and acoustic guitar will be in the house.  The instruments will be sub-mixed as detailed below.  Only if help is necessary will any instruments be added to the house mix.  If help is required, we'll need to confirm the phase and have polarity reverse adapters for the mics.  The stereo mix will feed the main Mackie monitors via stereo limiter.  It might be nice to have delay and reverb.  I am considering the possibility of being silly - routing an ALT mix to the overhead speakers.

1.) drums and bass vial altec compressor to tape
2.) nate's guitar and Left keys via LA-4 to tape
3.) dave H's guitars and Right keys via LA-4 to tape
4.) vocals via LA-3 to tape


For the record, I want it clear from the beginning that videographers be up as close as possible and avoid telephoto to minimize the jitters.  Videographers dress in dark clothes.