IPR Summer Session: Re-Recording The Beatles
you are here
take me there
take me there

Baby It's You: This was recorded to 3M M-80 four track - Drums - Bass - and two guitars on their own tracks.  It was mixed to mono (on another four track).  There's a lead vocal and two bkg tracks mixed to stereo on a  half-inch two track.  All tubes to multi-track, the bounce was through a Raindirk console circa 1975 to a Fostex (discrete transistor) four track.

VIDEO LINK:  While this is not John Lennon, it is an eerie interpretation that captures the sensitive side of John Lennon.  You should not only be impressed by this person's ability to sing and play the guitar, but also that he can play the solo while also playing the chords.  He makes it look too easy.

Honey Pie:  Same as above, though the live (sampled) piano was flown in from PT for the intro only.  The solo still needs to be flown in.  A little slight of hand in the digital domain to smooth out a few things....

Revolution without vox and processing (dh)

Revolution sans vox with processing (ec)