From the late seventies to the early eighties, I was hoppin' from the recording console to the repair bench and back, hoping to be part of that elusive "hit tune" and on my way to fame and fortune.  In the process, I recorded some great stuff and, well, you know the story.  So I retired from recording as a profession and enjoyed it as a hobby.  Here are some of my own interpretive performances.  Any similarity with actual music is purely coincidence.


    The "inspiration" for this music was the need to create content to test recording equipment for review.  All of these were digitized from cassette.  It's silly stuff and you're aloud to laugh and even hate it.  For me, it was a fun exercise.

    • Let's Pretend: recorded in 1985 on tascam model 38 1/2-inch 8track with drum loop stolen from the intro of some 45.  I play "everything" but the guitar.  The "synth" is a white toy Casio with miniature keys and presets only.
    • This is The Doghouse:  recorded in 1986 on a Tascam Model 388 1/4-inch "porta-studio" as an outgoing phone message.
    • Oceanic: circa 1985 ~1988, this probably went straight to 2-track as it was sequenced using SYNTEK software for the Commodore 64 / 128.  Drums: Roland 727. Synth: Casio CZ-101, probably in 4-voice Mono mode.  I don't think there's a sampler, but if there is, it's an Akai S-612.

    Eddie Ciletti
    May 2004