GNU ZOO REVIEW was originally a cassette compilation of audio experiments from 1979 to 1985.  It has since been expanded to include all of the solo recordings I've made.  Please note that I am neither musician nor vocalist, just a 'technical enthusiast.' 

Eddie Ciletti 

The name of this compilation was inspired by...

I was working as a 'staff engineer' for a small label and was given a Sony boom box to record some street sounds.  I started recording from inside the apartment, capturing every sound along the way.  When I got back home, I found that the door slam in the hallway made a lovely 'snare sound,' so then I needed a kick drum.  I tapped a 4-inch CTS speaker with my finger nail which as recorded to a Sony 2-track.  I then edited door slams and 'speaker kicks' to make a drum loop, the following three songs are the result.

The songs were recorded at 51 First Avenue in NYC's East Village where I was graciously accepted as roomate to Nancy and Joanne (so long as I cooked).  Depending on the song, I either used Nancy's (Farfisa?) keyboard or she played it.  Nancy Street of Cheap Perfume (left in the phto below), definitely played guitar.

 How & Who
Liberace Reggae
Speaker Kick and Door Slam.  I think I played all of this except the weird guitar noises through the stomp box.  It was baounced from reel-to-cassette and back a few times.
Spy Door
Nancy more obviously on Guitar and Bass, me on affected keys.  'Drums' have a bit more of a 'groove,' considering the beats were all spliced together.
Rubber Chicken
This tracks provides an inside peek into the process, as you can hear recycled tape from the sessions I was doing at night - the session that required the sound effects. You can also hear the door squeak that preceded the slam.  Nancy on Guitar, my on bass and treble keys.


Time Has Come Today (edit)
Originally by the Chambers Brothers, this is MyAtArEgO, aka Feed Zeppole: Crooner.  Instruments by George Carnel, production by GC and EC.  This is a cassete mix from the 4-track cassette.

Time Has Come Today (extended)

Midi Experiments: 1985 to 2000
A product reviewof a Tascam 388 1/4-inch 8-track became this little Drifters-incluenced ditty with Roland 707, Casio CZ-101 and vocoder
I love cellos and the Akai S-612 sampler dominates this track.  Casio CZ-101 is the 'seasick' sound in the background. 
Same instrumentation as above, but with Wurlitzer piano in addition.
Flutious Max
When I did this, many people asked if I had heard of Tangerine Dream - I had not - but I guess this is similar.