FLOOR KISS: Goodnight moon

I have no idea what this album sounds like but below are three tunes, two of which most likely ended up on this EP in some form. Floor Kiss used to rehearse in the storefront of 68 East First Street in New York's East Village (now a hair salon).  I knew Kevin Fullen from my NOISE New York connection, I lived at "68" for nearly 17 years and their rehearsal space eventually became my electronics shop / production facility.

This summary from Trouser Press.  "After leaving the Bush Tetras, drummer Dee Pop and his singing wife, onetime John Cale sidewoman Deerfrance, launched Floor Kiss with former 8 Eyed Spy guitarist Michael Paumgardhen and bassist Kevin Fullen. Hampered by crude self-production, the band's six-song 12-inch pairs simple rock-cum-power pop backing and breathy vocals in service of reasonably diverting material. A minor pleasure that might have developed into something."

That last statement pretty much sums up so many "unrealized" music projects.  From my experience, chemicals magnified sensitive ego issues, hampered communication and strained tempers.  Amongst the talented people I have known, many most likley suffer from some form of ADHD, hence the tendency toward "self-medication." 

Deerfrance is a highly spirited person who can quickly dish up lots of ideas - and this was my recollection when she showed up at another band's session ten years later in 1993.  That band was FAITH, a group that also had great potential and whose music I will post.  I had done some repair work for FAITH - they rehearsed just a few blocks away on Ludlow street just south of Katz Deli.  Deerfrance recommended me to FAITH when the Black Rock Coalition was assembling music for a compilation CD.

These tracks show what a phenomenal singer Deerfrance is.  I mixed two of these songs at NOISE New York.  "Grab You Up" was "restructured" after transferring the one-inch 16-track to 24-track to re-arrange the tune a bit.  We then overdubbed and remixed the song at Record Plant NYC in one evening, mostly likely late 1984 or early 1985.  I do remember the mix bus processing chain consisted of Teletronics LA-2A, dbx 160x and Pultec EQP-1.

Eddie Ciletti

Floor Kiss - Goodnight Moon (1985) EP
Sourmash #109
  1. Romantic to be dead (Deerfrance)
  2. Qui tu est (Deerfrance)
  3. Grab You Up (Deerfrance) 
  4. Dust to Dust (Deerfrance)
  5. Lonely Dance (Deerfrance)
  6. (It's Not) The First Time (Deerfrance) 
Deerfrance - vocals & guitar
Dee Pop - drums & perc
Kevin Fullen - bass
Michael Paumgardhen - guitar
Produced by Floorkiss

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