Identifying the LA-4
by Eddie Ciletti
July 2014

Before purchasing the LA-4 upgrade kit, it is important to know which version you have.  The front panels are clearly different - the earlier version is black and the later version is silver.  It is also easy to distinguish between the LA-4 - it has multiple ratio options - and the LA-5, which is internally preset at a 20:1 ratio.  Inside, you will notice that the LA-4 and LA-5 use the same printed circuit board (PCB). 

Most SILVER versions have IC sockets - making the amplifier upgrade a snap if you don't have soldering skills.   Later silverfave LA-4 production runs do not have IC sockets, in which case, sockets are provided free of charge.  In addition, while the blackface LA-4 does have sockets, the output amplifier modification requires soldering skills.

While it's all very simple, in ALL cases, included in the upgrade kit are detailed instructions, pictures and a strip of high-quality de-soldering braid no matter whether soldering is optional or required.

Stock 'blackface' output amplifier
Stock OpAmp IC in socket
Mute Timer IC without socket