SL-2520 information

The sweet deal is this, neither Scott nor I have any intention of potting these modules (click for pix and prices).  As such, we are "exposing" ourselves to being copied (and you must know alot of work went into making these right), but we're not afraid.  What we are hoping is that people will do one or more of the following:

  • appreciate the benefits of not potting - 
    • better thermal dissipation = longer life (the modules will pay for themselves over time)
    • less heat = less noise and 
    • repairable should they fail.
  • have the ability to see how the circuit is implemented - an exact copy of the most desirable version of the api-2520
    • some potted 2520 clones have IC opamps in them - 
    • the SL-2520 is "just" a 2520, a hybrid of surface mount and standard transistors.
  • appreciate that as best as possible Scott did a particularly good job of selecting modern parts that perform as close as possible to the original.  To further match the sonic fingerprint, Scott then tweaked the circuit as per the original designer's "circuit handles" to achieve similar results.  That is, great pains have been taken to achieve similar distortion characteristics - higher distortion than modern opamps but a complementary distortion that is both musical and part of the essential 2520 characteristics.  (we can post this information once there is officially an SL-2520 home  page.
  • users can think of the SL2520 as "open source" in that it can be tweaked.  Of course, this voids the warranty, but anyone with geek chops who are trying to match a particular batch of api-2520s - since they are not all the same - can easily do so.
I hope this helps, and thanks for checking us out.

eddie (and scott)
winter 2008
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here are the prices...

10 for $550 save $150  ($55 ea) 

8 for $460 save  $100  ($57.50 each) 

6 for  $360 save $ 60  ($60 each) 

4 for $250  save $30  ($62.50 ea) 

2 for $130   save $10 ($65 ea) 

1 for $70 (we encourage you to buy in pairs)