This is NOT a Shoot-out!

Presented LIVE, 25th March in Montreal!!!

ã 2006 by Eddie Ciletti

This page will eventually feature highlights of my first Educational Video, a series that will mix recording technique with the science of audio technology what I like to call "Audio From The Inside out." 

This first clip is a drum loop that repeats six times, each time featuring a different preamp. The sole mic on the kit is a NADY TCM-1150, placed in what my students call "The Crotch Position." The mic is feeding six preamps at once and while not "conventional," it provides a good way to compare mic preamplifiers using the same performance.


Drum Loop Video featuring Joe Ingle 
(6MB windows media)
Drum Loop Video featuring Joe Ingle 
(60 MB Apple Quick Time)
This recording has no EQ or processing whatsoever, it is simply one microphone auditioned through six preamps.  There is only one glitch, in one of the drum fills, where the microphone overloaded.  The mic is a NADY TCM-1150, a multi-pattern vacuum tube condenser mic.

Read more about the "reasearch" in my January '06 column for MIX Magazine.