Just a quick note to say what a great time I had at the TapeOp conference in Sacramento from 31 May thru 2nd June 2002.  I had never met Larry C, John B (or most of the other contributors and featured artisans) before "the show" yet it was quite the geek love fest for everyone.

Until I get a little time to write about all that transpired, check out these links and pictures...


Eddie, Rachel, Hillary, Jack, Le Photographique and Graham enjoying Tapas Sunday night.

Hillary, Jack, Darron and Graham

This is my Square-Wave sister, Rachel Uwa, founder of the alternative audio 'zine 180 degrees. 
Notice the beautiful lobby of this restored vaudeville era theater, especially in the image below.

Rachel and I can't wait to check out Wes Dooley's "new" high-output RCA 44 ribbon mic!

It ain't Texas, but they grow HUGE strawberries in northern California!!!

Hillary Johnson shares her inner secrets in a cute game of charades as she heads off to a west coast tour with her band.

Thanks to John La Grou, Sarah Register and Darron Burke for the pix

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