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New Cell: 651-245-0153

I provide a variety of audio recording-related services.  I can do the work or consult and guide you through the process. 

  • Repairs
  • Gear Restoration
  • Audio Restoration
  • Recording, Mixing and Production
  • Mastering
  • Budget Studio Design: Basically, what not to do.

My 2014 plan is to update this site and add a shopping cart.  In the meantime, payment options include cash, check, credit card and...

PLEASE always provide full contact info - phone, email and address.

To pay with Credit Card:
Send your preferred e-mail adress to, I can invoice you through  and then you can pay with Credit Card or Paypal.

Or, if you just love the site and want to contribute, then  any amount to 


Make checks or money orders Payable to:

Manhattan Sound Technicians
458 emerson avenue west
west st paul, MN 55118

Basic Rates for e-mail inquiries start at $15 per request.  Consultation by phone is $60 per hour ( one-d0llar-per-minute ) when you make the call.  Bulk Rates for long-ranging projects are available upon request.

Do you need help Recording, Mixing or Mastering your next project?  I have a flexible array of interactive services to help with many aspects of the recording process, including restoration.  Here are some examples...

By exchanging audio files I can help fine tune your mixes.  I have an extensive 'example library' to help with microphone selection and placment, drum tuning and guitar amp tweaks, plus Acoustic-related considerations.  Send one song for me to MIX and you'll get an article's worth of tips on how to identify and minimize the problem areas.   The minimum charge for this service is $150.

When time and funding permit, I am available for Lectures and Demonstrations on a variety of audio subjects.  A minimum of six weeks notice is required.  Please call for rates and scheduling.

While not primarily in the Equipment-for-Sale Business, I do interact with thousands of people per year, not to mention manufacturers.  If you've got a specialized or overstocked item for sale OR if you are looking for a specific item, please contact me by phone or e-mail.


Click Here for SHIPPING and RATE information regarding the most often requested repairs.

The typical minimum charge is $100 and the typical range for BASIC repairs is $300 ~ $400.  Specialized and vintage restorations are in the $750 to $1500 ballpark.  Turnaround is not always fast but the service is thorough.  Shipping is ALWAYS additional.  Do-It-Yourself service questions are based on the INFO rate of $15 per email.


Eddie Ciletti
The Manhattan Sound Technician
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