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Packing Tips

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    Manhattan Sound Technicians, Inc.
    458 West Emerson Avenue
    West St Paul, MN 55118

    We accept checks (in advance), Money Orders (anytime) and Credit Cards (all the time and preferred).

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    Primary Service: Digital Tape Machine Repair
    Authorized service for: Fostex, Tascam (DAT & DTRS) and Alesis adat digital tape machines.
    Out of warranty repair of: Panasonic, Sony (DAT and PCM-800), plus Casio, Denon & Otari DATs.
    Labor of Love: Vintage Transistor and Vacuum tube gear serviced by request.

    Service and Upgrades forDigital Audio Workstations 
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    The Renaissance Approach To Service

    MST takes a very old-world approach to high-tech repairs, emphasizing quality of service, not quantity.
    Yes, the prices are high, but problems within our warranty period are greeted with a smile, not an attitude.

    Please note that the guide below is your estimate.

    Tape Machines
    Urgency / Turnaround
    Typical Service Charges
    Including Head Change
    assume head cost is
    between $325 & $475
    DAT, adat
    DA-38 / 78 / 98
    Standard / Three Weeks
    $275 ~ $350
    $625 ~ $800
    DAT, adat
    DA-38 / 78 / 98
    Rush / Two Week
    $375 ~ $425
    $725 ~ $875
    DAT, adat
    DA-38 / 78 / 98
    Emergency /  Same Week
    $475 ~ $525
    $825 ~ $975
    Prices include Parts and Labor.  Please see exceptions below.

    Expect higher prices for older machines.  Here are some examples...

    Tape Machines
     Typical Service Charges 
    Head Cost
     Standard / Three Weeks
     ( Approximate )
    Including Head Change
    Panasonic DATs
    SV-3200 / -3700 / -3800 / -3900 / -4100
    Tascam DA-30
    ( original version )
    See Note
    Tascam DA-88
    ( first visit )
     $400 ~ $500 
    $795 ~ $895
    Tascam DA-P20
    Includes: Casio DA-2, DA-7 & Denon DTR-100P
    See Note

    Capstan Motor and Power Supply no longer available
    Note: DAT head replacement is not as necessary as people think.
    In addition, replacement cost is comarable with a new machine.
    Other Notes:
    • Prices include Parts and Labor for the typical service required.
    • Heads for older Panasonic machines are not as good as the pre-1994 originals
    • Capstan Motors for the Tascam DA-30, DA-P20 and Casio portables are no longer available.
    • First-time DA-88 repair charges are higher to cover the extensive cleaning required (because of the fan design) so that all upgrades and improvements will actually do their job.  Damage caused by leaky battery to Main SYSCON boards is an additional $105.


    BEFORE PACKING: Attach a detailed account of the machine's problems before wrapping in swaddling clothes.

    DO NOT ASSUME that a phone conversation describing the patient's ailments will be embedded in my memory.

    DO CALL BEFORE SHIPPING: 651-554-0304

    INNER BOX: Wrap tape machines in plastic and if space permits, BUBBLE WRAP.

    DO NOT COVER a naked machine with packing peanuts, they are a pain in the ass to clean up!!!

    SHIPPING: Use original packing materials, but also attempt to double-box for added protection.

    DO NOT SHIP: Power cables, machine control cables, digital data cables or terminators unless they are suspect.

    If you can double-box, 6-inches of PACKING PEANUTS are best used between the inner box and the outer box.

    TIME SENSITIVE?  If Express Service is requested and you are willing to pay for it, Please write the return shipment date on the outside of the boxI do not have X-RAY vision nor is it possible to remember the agreed upon temrs & conditions for each arriving package.

    Thank You for reading and implementing the Packing Tips!

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