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Compiled and written by Eddie Ciletti

S-VHS format

The adat format includes the original Blackface Adat, adat XT, XT-20, LX-20, M-20 and Studer V-8
Basic Mechanical Maintenance

Head Cleaning

  • Error Messages
  • Error Rate
  • Blackface Version 4 Software Addendum
  • Test Mode: To adjust electro-mechanical parameters:
  • CAl brAC, ERROR-7, CAl P9 (cal PG)
  • Troubleshooting the Mode Switch

  • adatPinch Roller Spring Pressure

    Fast tips to get you out of a jam

    Slant Block Modification: Part One

    M-20 / V-8 Review & mechanical tweaks

    Buying a used adat
    Want Help?

    Before sending an e-mail, please do all of the following:

      1. Read the pages on this site specific to your machine
      2. Include: Machine Serial Number
      3. Include: Software Version
      4. Include: Number of Head Hours
      5. Include: Number of Cleanings (manual and / or with cleaning tape)
      6. Include: Brand of Tape
      7. Error Rate with new tape and previously known-to-be-good tapes.
      8. Pop the cover and observe

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