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Compiled and written by Eddie Ciletti
updated 8 feb 05

Hi-8mm format

DTRS machines include the Tascam DA-38, DA-78, DA-88 and DA-98 as well as the Sony PCM-800
DA-88 Fan modification
DA-88 Fan Filter IS Effective. Look at this!

Head Cleaning

  • Error Messages (Includes S-Error 11)
  • DA-88 Hidden features
  • SY-88 Hidden Features (Off-Site-Link: please come back)
  • The DA-88 and MIDI (new!)
  • PDF: DA-78hr Manual and DA-78hr Quick Start
  • PDF: DA-98 Manual

  • D.I.Y.  TDIF cables
  • DA-88 back-up battery leakage
  • E-Clock Error: Repairing DA-88 back-up battery leakage
  • RCA input-normaling problems

  • New Improved DA-88 overview and F-A-Q

    DA-88 FAQs  courtesy of Jim Lucas

    SAS-202 SMPTE-to-Absolute Time


    DA-88 Q&A from around the world

    Buying a used DA-88

    An overview of the DA-38 & DA-98
    Want Help?

    Before sending an e-mail, please do all of the following:

      1. Read the pages on this site specific to your machine
      2. Include: Machine Serial Number
      3. Include: Software Version
      4. Include: Number of Head Hours
      5. Include: Number of Cleanings (manual and / or with cleaning tape)
      6. Include: Brand of Tape
      7. Error Rate with new tape and previously known-to-be-good tapes.
      8. Pop the cover and observe

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